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Rostra cruise control kit or brake flush cause ABS module to fail?? (250-9636)

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alright so here's the short and sweet of what happened...
1. (Aug. 23) installed Rostra cruise control kit (250-9636). tested it out and it worked as intended
2. (Sep. 18) my brother and I did a brake fluid flush
3. (Sep. 19) hill start assist light and traction control light come on when engine started. once driving, set the cruise for about 50 mph and right when i hit set, the engine accelerated hard. I hit the brakes to cancel the cruise. It was able to cancel. tried this a few times and same result.
4. went to O'Reilly auto parts to scan. got a ton of codes (P068A, U0001-88, U0422-68, C0037-11, U0100-00, U0101-00, U0151-00, C003A-11, C1109-24, & U0415-00).
5. brought it to Ford and they said my ABS module and RCM (restraint control module) failed and need to be replaced. "UPON DIAGNOSIS FOUND FAILED ABS MODULE INTERNAL ERROR RNR ABS AND MODULE". "REPLACED FAILED RCM INTERNAL FAULT". Paid $1300 for that. The technician said he was almost certain the aftermarket cruise control kit caused the failure. he left the rostra unplugged and told me not to use it. He said since it's hooked up to the OBD2 it has the potential to make almost any module fail and that's why it was most likely the cause of the ABS module failure.

what do you guys think? was it just a coincidence with the timing or do you think one of the two caused the module to fail? (the Rostra or the brake fluid flush) As far as I understand it, there was communication problem between the ECM/PCM and the ABS module so that seems like an electrical issue. Based on timing it would seem that the brake flush caused the issue but I could only see how that would cause a mechanical issue and not electrical issue.
I've searched around and can't find any similar people that posted about having modules fail. I rely heavily on cruise control and want suggestion on weather I should just plug it in again and use it or sell the van and get a new one.

any help is appreciated!

What do you think caused the ABS module and RCM to fail?

  • coincidence - go ahead and plug in the rostra, you should be fine

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  • brake fluid flush

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  • not sure, but i vote to sell van and get new one with OEM ford cruise

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