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Roof Rack for Transit - Front Runner

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This is a viable roof rack option for all Transit owners. I went with a Front Runner Outfitters roof rack ( They offer many modular base rack configurations with room for a solar panel and accessories galore from their catalog. I don't need to climb around on the roof so the Aluminess rack is too much for my needs and tastes. This fit the bill better for my use and it really is coming in handy already with a few camping trips. Strapping gear up top is cake.

The rack mounts are custom built by none other than Hein from this forum. Good dude and these mounts fit spot-on right out of the box. I could not ask for more from a guy who made these from scratch plus they are rather universal for other racks and cross bars as well. The simple assembly makes them universal.

My shots are taken at various times but lets just say I'm a perfectionist for clean color. Blacking out the Maxxfans and the solar panel surround help keep things blended into the roof a little better. I have a black airdam going in next to help the fuel economy factor. I also just mounted some really trick Roto Pax stacking, low profile water and fuel containers, which I have not taken a photo of mounted yet. I will take some shots of the finished product in the near future.

Front Runner Outfitters is a great company. This rack is great and it does not make a sound right now despite the lack of an airdam at the moment. Shape of the Transit front end is likely a big factor.


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Nice. I just mounted two solar panels with brackets from Hein and 80/20. Bolted it all up on the ground and lifted up as an assembly onto the roof. Fit perfect.

New photo by Devin Riley

this looks amazing! any chance you can send the parts that you used & links? also, any chance you know if it clears the antenna height wise?
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