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How's it holding up?
So far so good! Deck made it easy to shovel after a recent snow storm.
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We've dinged the deck panels a couple times. Easy repair just remove the panel, sand and repaint.

more details on how you mounted it to your crossbars
On the larger panels, we added finger holes for easier handling. Sometimes we use a pull strap to raise the panels onto the roof. Be careful the non-skid is like sandpaper and it scratches. Might be smart to put the non-skid only on the top surface.
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The narrow slots on the crossbars require somewhat precise alignment. I made the bolt-down holes oversized, used drop-in t-nuts with fender washers. There's enough slop in the system such that the bolt-down holes don't require perfect alignment with the crossbar slots.
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The t-nuts are Amazon.

Are you using 80/20 crossbars?
Yes I use the crossbars that came with the FlatLine rack. Purchased two extra rails from FlatLine. Also bought a couple of short bars and L-bracket connectors from 8020 to reinforce the decking on the sides of the roof fan.

In front of the fan, there is roughly a 15-inch span between the crossbars. The panels flex under bodyweight, but give adequate support. I do not notice vibration or sound at highway speeds. The gaps between the panels have been useful as handholds.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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