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Reversing Seat

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I just picked up the Transit wagon today and successfully installed the seat backward. See pictures:


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Very true, although what you saw in the picture is the position of the driver seat at its maximum length. I am not tall, so I sit a bit closer so no problem reclining the front seat at all. Another option is to move the whole set up one row back and the driver will have plenty of room to recline.
ilovehotshot, Yes, it is the last left rear seat of the 12 passenger wagon, the only seat you can use backward. First, I removed the three-seat bench and the two seat bench from the second and the third row, first row being driver and passenger seat up front. Then I moved the fourth row seat on the driver's side up to the third row and finally moved the fourth row seat on the passenger which I switched backward to the first row position. It's a bit confusing the way I described the whole thing but I hope you understand. I am thinking of building a bed if I decide to move the two-seat bench on the driver's side back to its original position, leaving the turn-around seat in its first row position, giving me at least 72 inches in length for the bed between the back rests.
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