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Hi, I need to remove the trim on the bottom of 250 van front seat to
Replace the seat belts with a safety harness for my wife to travel to have
spinal surgery, Wednesday. Can't figure out clips, holding the plastic moulding below the seat back adjustment lever, the female side looks easier. But any info appreciated.
Thanks, Joe.
A diagram would be great, there is a weird clip in a slider groove metal on metal.
Tough spot tho get to with a broke knee.:s

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Figured out clips to get to seatbelts.

Ok, FYI, sun came around so I could use a mirror to see clip system for back
Corner under seat adjust lever. As usual some Ford weird plastic clip that you try not to break, it was 110 degrees, but I could see!
Used a long flathead screwdriver and exposed the gigantic round Torx head?
6 point star. Aint got the tool. But fren does.
Slowly pried up from the inside on a very hot day, so stuff was mallable, you yankees, will be breaking stuff if it's cold.
Then to the inner workings of the female side, yes it it looked harder, but this fastener can be reached with an open end wrench in 20 something millimeters
Sorry I don't have specs, heat exhaustion was setting in...really had to save myself and get inside, but for the inside female you just pull the plastic trim towards you and don't have to remove it, until I put the new screw in.! I think
There is enough play to get new belt end and get it started.
Tether on back goes to tie downs to the side untill more time to get correct
Hardware from Wesco.
They forgot snaps for eyebolts arrgh..
Message me for pics.
Peace , Joe
PS, metal to metal clip track did not play into this has to be a warning chime or something.
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