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Removing headliners on a Wagon

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If anyone has done this before can you please offer any advice that may help me avoid breaking things? I am trying to remove the headliners to run a video cable to the middle brake light where I want to mount a backup camera. Sounds like I need to also remove the headliner in the rear just to be able access and remove the brake light lens.

I already pulled one of the plastic rivets that holds the headliners up as a test (see pic) and it was pretty difficult and seems to ruin the rivet in the process. Sounds like I'll need to buy new rivets to replace all the ones that will be pulled.

Also not sure how the headliner will come off around the rear upper door latches?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I pulled my complete headliner down .. Took about 15 min. Is much easier with some trim removal tools. I picked up a cheap metal trim removal set at harbor freight. The pins are not ruined, the will hold just fine when reinstalled. Watch out for the magnets on the front middle section, one of mine came loose, will glue it back. You do not need to pull the side trim, but if you do side is all you need. I didn't take but one of the middle pcs off.

I think the Ford detail on this is horrible, compared to my sprinter anyway. The fit and finish is not well thought out.. Due to the full length side air curtains the h/l is Not attached at the sides,

You can removed the air curtains, and install a simulator to keep system fully functional and no fault warnings. I decided not to do that however. Search Texas airbag systems for the parts.

I have plans to engineer my own answer to the crappy fit at the left and right sides of the hl.
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The black plastic covers at the rear top door just pop,off. Pry down on the inside back, slide over the stop. The door weatherstripping just laps over the HL., same as around the slider door opening, but much better.
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