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Remote Start

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Hey everyone, I received a new Ford remote start (cm5z-19g364-b.) Does anyone know where I can find some installation instructions? Any help would be appreciated.
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I'd like to see them too! Did you receive operating instructions for it?
I'm curious how long it will run on remote start before shutting down.
Thanks- that is the owner's manual- it did answer one question I had and that is run time- 15mins which is not enough for my application.
Does anyone know if the "Quick Stop" function is also only 15 minutes?

What I need this for is to leave the van running, locked, with heat or AC going, for up to 1 hour. We travel with 2 dogs so that is why that is needed, especially the AC.
I made my own system to do this on our other 2 vehicles and it works great, but I'm reluctant to go poking around on a CANbus vehicle for fear of making an expensive mistake.

I also run a 2 way radio system when doing this- basically a GMRS radio that is VOX operated- I have a speaking thermometer that goes into alarm if temp goes above a preset value, keying the radio and also picks up dog barking indicating something may be going on.
This is picked up by another radio I carry.

We had a very disturbing incident a few years back where a woman was tapping on our truck window greatly upsetting the dogs- total idiot.
When we ran out to investigate she explained she just wanted to show her kid, which she was holding, what American dogs (she was Asian) looked like.
HOLY CRAP- I explained to her in NO uncertain terms you DO NOT approach someone else's vehicle and especially don't go tapping on their windows or touching their car.
She was very lucky the dogs didn't break the glass and turn her into hamburger!
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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