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Regrets from full glass?

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I've got an opportunity to buy a HR EL that hits most of my option list, except this van is a cargo with full glass (and privacy glass option) that I wasn't really planning on. I'm hoping that @gregoryx or others with full glass can provide tradeoffs or regrets from their experience.
I know that I'll need to get a full set of window covers, and that's a minor but extra step each time to deploy. I'll be using the van in Florida as much as nationwide travels, so I'd expect to need to cover up as part of the routine in combination with A/C. I don't think full glass impacts my layout much. There may be some upper cabinets blocking the windows slightly. Full glass also steers me away from a track actuator for raised bed and pretty much settles a column lift decision, which causes some ripple effects but is tolerable.
The lack of stealth doesn't bother me one bit. Having more light and view seems like a plus, except for at night when privacy may be needed. What else became a factor in your decision?
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Depends on your goals and buildout wish list. I custom ordered a '22 15 pass high roof ext with the goals of using it to haul people, supplies, and camp, using it in a modular fashion to support its use. So far it's worked well. I made inside window covers myself out of translucent Coreplast, they go in and out in 5 minutes, $40 for the entire van. Added a $200 Wolfbox G900 rearview camera mirror and oversized front shelf with curtains.

Camping mode = 3 rear bench seats out, full interior one piece floor carpet, Iceco electric cooler/freezer, Goal Zero 3000x, 3000wt Invertor connected to CCP to charge Gaol Zero while driving, one piece bed deck made of 3/4 prefinished Birch with underside braces (deck sits on 4 4x4 post) at lower side window level (E-W) bed orientation add 4" folding memory foam mattresses. Can move from People hauling Mode (all seats) to camping in 30 minutes.

The passenger version also comes with side airbags, a fully finished roof inside, and rear AC (AC outlets the full length of the inside of the van).

For me is all about versatility and limiting the build-out cost

'22 5UX. 15 Pass HR EXT
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I'm guessing that this is a heat rise / insulation statement? I need a 11k BTU A/C to maintain-ish the internal temp for a few hours during the day occasionally. That presumes the insulated window covers are deployed and my build out addresses insulation in a typical but not over-the-top fashion. I'm hopeful that's achievable but don't really know. I do believe full glass will make my goal harder to achieve.

Privacy OEM glass is quite dark and limits heat, add some type of interior curtains or reflectors and youll be fine
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