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Refrigerator Freezer help??

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Any recommendations on a refrigerator?

I don’t think I need a freezer. Don’t see the need for frozen meat.

Top or front load?

1-5 day trips

I have a goal zero 1000 Core that will be charging off the van for now then solar in the future.

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Yeah, the "all the cold falls out" trope is nonsense. The specific heat of air (even moist air) is so low as to make any such effect insignificant. Just do the math. In addition to what @orton said, front loaders tend to be a tad less efficient because the doors are often not that well-insulated compared to the sides. We strongly prefer front-loaders anyway.

I would reconsider skipping the freezer, though. We don't freeze meat, but we DO like to cook up stews, casseroles, chili, etc at home, store them in blocks in the freezer, and pop them in the microwave in camp. One of our favorite things. And then there is ice cream...
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