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Received VIN number 12 days after order entry

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My dealer entered my order for a 2016 Transit Wagon 350 XLT long wheelbase medium roof on Feb. 24 and today, March 7, I received my VIN. Build date is April 18. The dealer, who is a friend of a friend, researched the time from order date it took to get delivery of the 2016 Transits they have in stock (all medium roofs), and based on that experience he predicts that our Transit Wagon should be at the dealership in late April or early May. Apparently due to all the Ford dealerships there are in metro Atlanta, rail delivery from Kansas City here is regular and relatively fast. My dealer is just south of Atlanta.
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Good news indeed. May it go quicker than you anticipate.

Semper Fi

Received by VIN: 1FBZX2XGXGKB21574 for the Transit ordered three weeks ago here in Florida. It is a LWB 350 XLT Wagon 350, 12 seats (which are for sale), EcoBoost, 3.5 limited slip, dual batt., inverter, etc. - along with all the goodies except remote start.

I will wade through all the posts about VIN look-up on ETIS.

Wondering now if I should have it picked up and serviced by Matt Ford to save the time and potential damage from rail shipment, not to mention the time required.

Anyone know about changing ordering dealer, etc. at this stage.

You would have to get your dealer to try and redirect it NOW. Usually you won't be able to do it after the VIN is issued. Your dealer may not want to do this because they lose out on the money they get by Ford for the dealer prep services.

The ordering dealer has to do this and then let Matt Ford know about it. Think it is too far in the order system to happen. Let the forum members know if you get this done!
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