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Received My Upfit "Rebate" Check Today...WOOT!

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The money is already spent, on shelving, but its nice to think the total purchase price is reduced by $1,500.00.

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Looks good! Especially all the light you`ll have to see by this fall and winter. How long did it take to get your check?
I submitted the invoice for the rebate about 7/10.

I didn't pick up the Masterack Smartspace stuff until 7/27, as it didn't arrive until that Monday.

So I "got a jump" on the rebate.
Looks great inside!! What is on the floor to cover it in the pic?
Simply commercial carpet squares, just like the old truck had in it.

(Yes, I aligned the squares with all the arrows on the rubber side pointing in the same direction ; )
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Who manufactured the bulkhead? Looks a lot sturdier than most , and slides open?
RANGER, and its aluminum at about 78lbs.

All other bulkheads swing, and that would cause me difficulties working around it...

I installed it as instructed, by using the riv-nuts or plus-nuts.

Of course, I could have closed it when needed, but...MEH (as my kid says : )
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I submitted my receipt through the dealer July 16th and received the check today so by rebate was received in just over 3 weeks. All I had to supply was a sales receipt, no additional paperwork or hassle.
No friggin-nuts? :)

I could've sworn that one of the primary Ford upfit partners made a partition with a sliding door, but I'll be damned if Ranger's isn't the only one. I do wish Sortimo would offer a sliding door ABS product or Ranger would offer a powder coated or Quietflx-like finish on theirs.
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