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Rear Windows Shattered When Using Defrost

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Hey Everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else has heard of this happening.

I stared the van last week in about -2 degrees C (28F), let it warm up a little bit then drove off down the road. As I started driving I turned on the rear window defroster and within about 2 minutes both windows shattered.

Called my local Ford dealership and they told me that Ford wouldn't cover it under warranty and that I need to go get it fixed myself. The van is 6 months old and I do also have the extended warranty. Thankfully I took it to the dealership I bought it from which was an extra hour of driving but they took some photos, sent them in, and Ford is now going to cover it under warranty.

The current downside is that there are no replacement windows in stock in North I'm waiting until they make some new windows or pull some from the factory line for me.

Anyway, keep an eye on those windows!
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Crazy. FWIW, there are OEM-style, almost identical rear windows available from
Thanks Yelnam, but I'd rather wait and let Ford pay for it.
I'm curious...was this the first time you had turned the on since you bought the van?
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Hey Byron, sorry for the delay. Not the first time I had used the defrost but it was probably the coldest it had been since I bought the van?
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