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Rear Tire Removal 2015 350HD

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Does anyone know how to remove the chrome simulators on the Dual Rear Wheels. Ford doesn't, they told me to refer to my manual:|
The covers on the lug nuts seem to be attached to the cover also. Tried to use the wrench for the lug nuts as per manual.. to pry between the cover and the steel rim but it doesn't want to come loose. I'm afraid I'm going to damage if I try much harder.
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I've never seen those on a Transit, are they OEM or were they added aftermarket?

Most I've seen on other vehicles have only 2 of the 6-8 nuts that actually hold them on- careful inspection may reveal which two you need to remove, then the cover just drops off.

Hint > Its probably the two that hold the air hose brackets....
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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