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Rear cargo done lights

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Is there any way to turn them off? They come on whenever a door is opened regardless of the switch position. This is a safety concern at night
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I've been trying to figure out how to turn them off also but with no luck so far.
I've been trying to figure out how to turn them off also but with no luck so far.
The more recent thread on this issue is here FYI:
I just pull the bulb out of the socket, and put it back in when I want. I do this when stealth camping
Use my flashlight or camplight, I sleep in the van.
I have not looked @ the light harness for a Transit cargo but, "no worries,mate"
That's really crazy, I ordered the LED cargo lights thinking each would be fully switched like they were in my Sprinter. Looks like another wasted option, I'll probably pull the bulbs rather than bother to build a switch for each.
They are the tube dome light bulbs not leds also. But they are bright. I don't want to pull the bulbs and replace them when needed because there are 4 different bulbs in there and I use them at night so I would be taking them out and putting them back almost every day. Probably going to add a toggle switch on them if I can't figure out how to turn them on and off with the computer.
Can't believe Ford saw no need to have them switched. Reminds me of my old E-150, I had to disconnect the slider switch since I left it open for long periods of time.
At least with this vehicle being in it the early stage of it's production cycle the possiblity of them picking up on it is their.
See quotes from Owner's Manual, video etc. posted on the other thread "can not turn cargo lights off."
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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