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2016 T250 has high mileage and bought used last year have put about 15K miles on it and I am currently replacing the rear pads and rotors. The right rear outer pad was down to metal on metal, but the inner was still fairly decent caliper piston turned in fine and does not seem seized however it appears as if someone at some point stripped the slide pin and may have helicoiled it, as it would not tighten when I went to reinstall it.
My question is which slide goes in the upper/lower bracket? One pin is obviously different than the other. one has flats ground on the round area of the pin, the other one has about a 1/2 inch area near the inner end that is a slightly smaller diameter than the rest of the pin. The pin I removed had a rubber insulator piece over top of this, however the new kit I just picked up does not have any rubber piece. I did not notice when I was removing them which one came out of the top or bottom hole in the caliper bracket. Can anyone tell me which pin goes where in the bracket?
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