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ran out of gas

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display usually automatically toggles to "distance to empty"

not this time.... left me high and dry.

Perusing the owners manual, says "running out of fuel may damage engine not covered under warranty"

My vehicle was running at 3mph as I was creeping in the parking lot when it stalled, I don't see how engine damage could have occurred.

Filled er up with premium, and off we go....
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Cars since 1984 were designed to handle a small percentage of alternative fuels. Before then you'll have issues with Rubber hoses and plastics but these days it's not really an issue.

The problem is that it is an energy negative fuel and it also uses food to make fuel and we don't need it. Subsidiation makes things worse, not better. It also doesn't increase hp because it's a lower btu/unit product.
making ethanol from corn is Ridiculous -
maybe 2 to 3% reduction CO2 after all is said and done -
then add in the water used - stupid -
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