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ran out of gas

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display usually automatically toggles to "distance to empty"

not this time.... left me high and dry.

Perusing the owners manual, says "running out of fuel may damage engine not covered under warranty"

My vehicle was running at 3mph as I was creeping in the parking lot when it stalled, I don't see how engine damage could have occurred.

Filled er up with premium, and off we go....
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E85 is actually 51-83% ethanol so I'm sure it won't matter.
The manual is probably written in a way that says use "normal" gas which is e15 or the "other gas" which is E85. Giving you an option, not either/or.
wow! i'm really glad i read this. the numerology of the name had me convinced that E85 _was_ 15% ethanol. had no idea it could be up to almost 50%.

It's not almost up to 50%. It's from 51-83% ethanol and the remainder is gasoline. E85 is MOSTLY ethanol.
oh!! thanks. i certainly had that all wrong, then.

The regular gas you buy at the pump is usually E10 or E15. The only gas without ethanol is marine gas and off road gas.
yeah. here in new england all gas (practically speaking -- i've never seen a 100% gas label on a pump) is 10%. i haven't seen 15% -- i know some organizations like the AMA (American Motorcyclists Association) are fighting general approval of 15% because it can damage older vehicles. the fuel industry doesn't seem to care about actual vehicles -- just percentages of vehicles made after such-and-such a date. all the older vehicles are just the owner's problem -- too bad.

maybe with the drop in gas prices some of the pressure from the farm lobby will ease up.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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