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ran out of gas

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display usually automatically toggles to "distance to empty"

not this time.... left me high and dry.

Perusing the owners manual, says "running out of fuel may damage engine not covered under warranty"

My vehicle was running at 3mph as I was creeping in the parking lot when it stalled, I don't see how engine damage could have occurred.

Filled er up with premium, and off we go....
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Another problem that might surface is the fuel pump in the tank is cooled by the gasoline in the tank. Running the fuel down takes away the cooling effect of the gasoline. When running low fuel on hilly roads, this can lead to no cooling of the fuel pump at times. It is suggested that you never run lower than 1/8th tank for this reason and also to give you alittle bit of travel time to find a gas station. Do you believe the computers anyway?
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