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ran out of gas

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display usually automatically toggles to "distance to empty"

not this time.... left me high and dry.

Perusing the owners manual, says "running out of fuel may damage engine not covered under warranty"

My vehicle was running at 3mph as I was creeping in the parking lot when it stalled, I don't see how engine damage could have occurred.

Filled er up with premium, and off we go....
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I use a fair amount of the non-ethanol- it isn't that hard to find in SC and NC, but prices vary a lot more. Typically it is about 20% more, but can be much more than that.
I have yet to see E15 anywhere- and when I do I am not buying it!

BTW the non-ethanol gas I buy in SC and NC is not marine or off road gas. The main place I buy it - comes right out of a regular dispenser with multiple hoses.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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