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Radio system 58Y

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Can someone who has their Transit, having the radio system 58Y, post a picture of the dash with the system in it?

Trying to figure if there is someplace above the system and below the 4 inch screen, to attach a bracket that would fold forward 90 degrees? I want to put a 7 or 9 inch screen there. When not in use want to fold it forward so it doesn't block the 4 inch factory screen.

Any ideas, thoughts, especially those of you who know how to modify equipment.

Semper Fi
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USMC Vet, did you catch rmcnelly's post with the ProClip bracket holding his phone? That company might offer a solution you can use?

Stand by for links to follow:

Left mount a little hokey?

Tablet holder or screen holder can bolt to Transit mounts above?

Good luck!
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Although a bit hokey maybe, their Move Clip system would let you lift your monitor out of a dash clip and set it aside? Not as simple as you want, but maybe more versatile in the long run. Not sure how, and how often, you anticipate using the monitor (or whether you have the right arm mobility to do this?).
OK, there must be some combination of products which can get the monitor where you want it for viewing, and able to be rotated out of the way easily. I am picturing something like a universal all-rotating camera tripod head, which might require an initial set up, after which you could use it as you need. Small enough not to be clunky and in the way.

Maybe we should start with the back up monitor. I think you discussed this in another thread, but do you have a specific one in mind? Maybe you could post a link for it here.

Is the monitor manufacturer able to help with this task at all? Maybe they have a mounting bracket which could be adapted or used as one part of the jigsaw puzzle.

Edit -- is the Tadi system the one you are still thinking of?

Not sure if the following link will work, but the back of their 9" monitor has grooves which may permit mounting the monitor on another čamera tripod head thingamajig, based perhaps to the right of the unit?

You might have to click on the Pictures tab at the bottom, then click on the photo (near the bottom of the page) which shows the monitor and its mounting base, to get to a close up of the back -- "Image 17 of 66" in a new pop-up window.

Any chance this may be part of a solution?
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My $35, 7" rearview monitor clips to the rearview mirror and has dual (not triple, sorry) inputs and a remote control. Something like that you could mount higher up (and out of the glare zone) and maybe save some grief.
Could you provide a link or brand name and model? Thanks.
Those gooseneck options looked good indeed, although it will be important to pair the weight of the monitor (including road vibration dynamic loads) with the correct gooseneck. Looking forward to the photos of the finished installation! Good luck . . .
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