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Radio system 58Y

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Can someone who has their Transit, having the radio system 58Y, post a picture of the dash with the system in it?

Trying to figure if there is someplace above the system and below the 4 inch screen, to attach a bracket that would fold forward 90 degrees? I want to put a 7 or 9 inch screen there. When not in use want to fold it forward so it doesn't block the 4 inch factory screen.

Any ideas, thoughts, especially those of you who know how to modify equipment.

Semper Fi
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That's a decent opportunity to deploy 3M VHB. Might need to swap it out occasionally as it's going to be in the sun and possibly dealing with a leveraged load, but at least you won't need to poke any holes in the dash. You can always do that later when you're certain you have what you want.
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My $35, 7" rearview monitor clips to the rearview mirror and has dual (not triple, sorry) inputs and a remote control. Something like that you could mount higher up (and out of the glare zone) and maybe save some grief.
Could you provide a link or brand name and model? Thanks.
They are all over ebay and amazon.

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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