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Question about in-dash dvd/navigation

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Hello all! We are new to the Transit world and just purchased a 2015 350 XLT LR this past weekend. We are about to have our fifth child so the extra room was a must! We are about to go on a cross country trip in a month and a half and I was hoping to install an double din in-dash dvd player and link it to a couple of headrest monitors. I see that metra makes a dash kit for the transit. Will this dash kit work even though I have the separate back up camera display above the radio? I really need to find a solution and a way to make this happen so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
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your issue solved...

If you buy a lockpick for your indash Navigation, it will have multiple AV plugins. Bestbuy will install your lockpick for $100. The lockpick sold by coastaletech for $350 will solve your problem. as well you will be allowed to use your current indash monitor for the rearview camera and the headrest monitors as well. I have 5 kids and was able to solve the problem.
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