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Quadvan 4x4

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In honor of the Quigley 4x4 thread, I'm creating one specifically for Quadvan to discuss that product and share our experience and knowledge.

What I've learned so far is there will be 2 options. 0in lift and 4in lift. Need to clarify if the lift is actually giving more clearance or not.

Max tire size is listed at 245/75/16. Ford really screwed the pooch on the tiny wheel wells. This is going to be a challenge for adventure van builders.

I don't think the Transit is a replacement for the out going E350 vans in this regards.
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I sent off an email to QV yesterday asking if they had any options for adding a similar lift kit to a stock 4x2 Transit. The reason I asked is my wife and I really have no further need for a 4x4, but the added clearance would be nice for the maintained forestry roads we frequent.

IF ford brings over an AWD in the future we might go ahead and sell whatever we have at that point and go AWD again. We really like it in our current van build.

I spent some time talking to a tire-tech about possible tire swaps for the SRW Transit's stock 235/65r16 tires on a possible future purchase. After some research he suggested bringing the van in once purchased and they would test fit/drive the rig with 245/75r16 All Season tires. Looking over the specs he thought it was doable, and nothing lost in the test as they do that sort of thing quite a bit for peeps (Les Schwab). You might ask if your local tire center is up to some testing.

As an afterthought... we swapped out the stock tires on our '07 TACO with 245/75r17 and really liked the Pizza Cutter size for our wet soggy roads. Never any tendency of hydroplaning and if one lowers the pressure off road they have all the grip of a wider profile tire.

about 4 weeks ago I sent an email to QV asking about a _lift only_ job for the reply at this point.

Maybe if more peeps send similar requests we may get a reply??

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...I tried calling and sent several emails to Quadvan, but got no response and was never able to talk (verbal or written) with anybody...
For what its worth i've had a handful of great conversations with John of Quadvan over the phone (his shop is ~2hr drive for us) > > >
BUT on the possibility of utilizing a 2017 E350 Cutaway as the donor for conversion < < > > John was SOOO into that idea and he could begin the build any time. This leads me to believe that yes, there is something of a hold on the Quadvan Transits. But i could not get the custom box manufacturer to give quotable accurate net weight of their 12' box that would be mounted on the cutaway...
So i went back to plan A. Which was getting a 4x4 in either the sprinter or transit platform. After spending a many hours in discussion with Sprinter dealerships i've given up on that plan. Many of those folks are probably great ppl, but the other % are arrogant and stuck on their brand. And the closest Sprinter shop is ~250 miles from our place!

For the Transit? There is a Ford dealership in my town that has a 1/2 dozen transits on the lot, and the commercial/fleet mgr stated that he can order a Quigley-T in any flavor if i choose to go that route. Either way they will get any shop time.

Soooo... Tuesday my wife and i drive to see Dale and drive a QT.

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