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Quadvan 4x4

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In honor of the Quigley 4x4 thread, I'm creating one specifically for Quadvan to discuss that product and share our experience and knowledge.

What I've learned so far is there will be 2 options. 0in lift and 4in lift. Need to clarify if the lift is actually giving more clearance or not.

Max tire size is listed at 245/75/16. Ford really screwed the pooch on the tiny wheel wells. This is going to be a challenge for adventure van builders.

I don't think the Transit is a replacement for the out going E350 vans in this regards.
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My understanding from talking to John at QuadVan is that he will gear it to whatever you want. Tires are included in his package so he accounts for the new tire size and gears the front and back accordingly.
Do you know how much he charges for a Transit 4x4 conversion?
I also had great verbal communication with Quigley's both over the phone and email, and had mine drop shipped directly to me. They answered me quickly or picked up the phone every time.
Everything went smoothly and I haven't had a problem since. 100% satisfied with Quigley's from start to finish.

I tried calling and sent several emails to Quadvan, but got no response and was never able to talk (verbal or written) with anybody. Should a problem arise, I have full confidence that I will find quick help with Quigley's, whereas I was worried, if I went with Quadvan, that I would have trouble getting in touch with anyone.
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