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Proud owner of a Transit Wagon XL LWB Med. roof

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First of all, thanks to all the folks who post here; your info was so helpful when it came to choosing our van.

I've got five daughters (with more sure to come), and we had outgrown our Odyssey. We first looked at a Nissan a few years back, but then anxiously awaited the arrival of the Transit.

We picked up our Transit yesterday: Ingot silver, medium room Wagon XL. It's got the Ecoboost (of course!) and is actually pretty optioned out: Sync, Power drivers seat, reverse sensors and backup cam, and of course cruise, etc. My wife wasn't sold on the medium roof at first, but realized how cramped the Low Roof would feel as our kids got older.

My wife can't believe how easy it is to drive! She says it's easier than our Odyssey (which, admittedly, is over ten years old).

A few more questions for your Transit Pros:
1) Do you get better fuel economy on the highway when the tranny is locked in 6th gear (where the turbo does the work), or when you let it choose?
2) Has anyone found a place to purchase aftermarket wheels? The steel with black hubcaps isn't doing it for me! (Or perhaps does anyone know what the hub design/lug pattern is?

I will update with fuel economy numbers soon!
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Congrats on the new Van! Look forward to your mpg reports as I have basically the same thing on order. Oh, except I did order the nicer wheels ;)

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