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Anyone looking into ordering the 3.7 Ti-VCT V6 with the propane prep package.

Here in Canada a complete conversion costs about $4500 to $5500. This is for a dual conversion gas/propane. Vehicle is reported to run equally well on either fuel. Propane costs about 40% less then gas. It would not take long at this rate to pay for the conversion.

If anyone is planning a conversion I would be interested in any information regarding conversion companies, systems, costs and procedures.
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Really, I would like a liquid system not vapour. Imagine not drilling any holes and just hooking up to your existing injectors...that would open up the 3.5 ecoboost not just the 3.7

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propane is dirt simple, only 3 parts and one of them is the carburetor. they are pure propane and no gasoline. the newer forklifts might be direct injection but our new ones never breakdown so i do not know yet, i got enough other things to fix. (industrial maintenance, i fix almost everything our company owns)
There's something to be said for simple. I know where to get propane carbs, as many as I want...

But for seamless factory performance and no loss in mileage, gasoline/liquid propane combo injectors and the necessary pumps & ECU don't seem to be available as a set...maybe they think the public is too stupid and will blow themselves up

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I'm game! Let's buy 2 kits and convert both our Vans on the cheap. Interesting donut tank... What do you think the range would be in that?
Sorry about the delay, I'm now back to work after 2 months. I'm going to continue hunting down suppliers in my spare time. I don't even have a Transit!

Other than obtaining a service manual on the ICOM system and ordering each part, they are not selling to the public yet.

As for range - 1000 miles on both tanks is easily doable! My CNG Dodge had 6 tanks, if it was propane it would have held 148 gallons so at 18 mpg hwy that's 2664 miles lol

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However if you have a 3.7, any major brand name will work...

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Any findings on a DIY Liquid Propane system? Many vapour systems floating around.
Would you need to 'retrain' the ECU?

I was quoted $5,500 CAD for a kit that 'shouldn't make any engine lights go on'... WTF is this, a guessing game? Vapour kit, no doubt.

I'm not enthused with any of the 4 propane installers I called.
They did tell me that the restrictions on tank size for the toroidal tank is an issue. Ontario (Canada wide?) rules say you need to draw an imaginary line, 45deg from the rear bumper downward towards the front of the vehicle. The tank can not protrude past that line. Not much of a tank unless you have the extended length ass-end! Maybe 50L max? With only 60% efficiency that gives you what, 200km range? :-S For sure not worth 5grand!
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