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Propane Tank from, will it fit?

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I like this tank for its size, especially with its 8 inch diameter which I believe is perfect for my wagon (I want it to be totally concealed). One of the tanks offered is a kit including mounting brackets, but they are for the VW Vanagon Camper. Does anyone here have experience with installing this underneath the Transit and don't mind sharing the procedure or advise on this? Thanks.


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Thanks for linking to Annie's propane install.
One IMPORTANT thing that isn't shown there is that where the bolts come through the floor, I added some C channel to make things more rigid. The floor sheet metal is too thin to not bend when the bolts are tightened. I talk about that a bit here:
Mine is a 10" diameter.
It's the 7.9 gallon unit (P/N 66-4941) on this page:
Hey @skagitstan are you still happy with the 10-inch propane tank install? Any issues with clearance? If you had a do-over would you still go with the 10-inch tank or go with the 8-inch tank for more clearance?
I'm happy.
So far no issues with the 10" tank. It has not impacted ground clearance, even on really crappy "roads".
The mounting remains secure, even after multiple trips on washboard.
It also has been no problem for refills.
At least that.
This is why I'm debating giving up inside space for a properly vented propane locker, vs. the underbody tank.
~$550 at PPL:
5.5 gal LPG tank at PPL
1 - 4 of 52 Posts
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