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Propane Tank from, will it fit?

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I like this tank for its size, especially with its 8 inch diameter which I believe is perfect for my wagon (I want it to be totally concealed). One of the tanks offered is a kit including mounting brackets, but they are for the VW Vanagon Camper. Does anyone here have experience with installing this underneath the Transit and don't mind sharing the procedure or advise on this? Thanks.


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Thank you Deadwood. It would have been perfect if the brackets that come with it can be used to attach the tank directly to the underside of the Transit without modification. Is fabrication of brackets a reasonable diy job?
camp&ride, that is exactly what I wish to have. Is this install a diy, and did you come up with your own brackets? Maybe a picture(s) to show how it is attached to the van?
Thanks so much, very much appreciated!
camp&ride, were you able to take a snap shot of the propane tank underneath your van?
Thanks camp&ride. That's pretty neat. Don't know if I can install it myself. Looks like it's a job for the professional installer.
Sound encouraging. If I think I can do it, I will. Could you snap another picture of it in the front so I can get an idea how the bracket is attach on that end? If I can see the whole picture of from both sides, that will be very helpful.
Thanks for posting exciting and useful information! I saw one end of the bracket, is there a picture of the other end where the tank is attached?
Thanks a bunch! I'll look into this installation and see if I could tackle this task myself or I'll take it to someone for a professional installation.
1 - 9 of 52 Posts
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