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Project: Emend Zaar– Seeking a North America Nomad Explorer

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Emend…to free from faults and errors. Zaar…an ecstatic rhythm.

My goal is to have a North America NomadExplorer,…a vehicle to support travel and camping with few limitations,..fromcruising the McKenzie Ice Road in winter, to Death Valley whenever, and everyecstatic dance in-between.

My wish was to begin with a well optioned 4x4van. And that did not happen. So I begin with makinglemonade out of lemons.

Because of Ford’s mid 20thCentury business practices and incompetence, and my own ineptness in theprocess, this is NOT the Ford Transit I ordered and waited 3 months for (1FTYR2CGXFKB21872)but a cheap, off-a-lot version, purchased out of frustration to get a vehicle(before the end of the year).

I began my pursuit to get a 4x4 in America in February,…and I’mscheduled for a 4x4 upfit in latter September.

Some of that narrative (how not to buy a Transit) was posted #38


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What particular windshield blocker is that? At least you got the lumbar seat upgrade. And, silver... the only other color I'd want, other than white. Can't be too many silver cargo vans in dealer stock... as you noted, for Delaware area.
That is a quite deluxe sunshade. Spendy,...but the best I've seen. Enter the code for 10% off.
Thanks for the link. Listing says "fits all Transit models". But, isn't the low roof windshield shorter than the MR and HR models?

I have a shade that I made of leftover double-layer reflectix. But, It's pretty bulky when rolled up. Have been thinking that a thinner, folding shade would be better.

WRT Tow-Haul mode... my understanding is that, if you're likely to be using cruise control, you get the same effect as TH mode.
Eurocamper rear ladder arrived. Had timed the rear door work (rattle trap, ESP Low-e) for the ladder install. The ladder is pretty simple,...hang and screw. Because the top of the door isn't level, the ladder visually sits slightly off plumb.

This gives me some extra support to install the roof fan,...but is primarily for getting and maintaining solar panels. I'm considering adjustable mounts, so to get more solar in the low sun months.

Although a Nissan,..this fellow has nice electrical system with an adjustable roof panel:

Huh, you don't have holes and slots all around your "windows" on the doors. I guess in Ford's weird world, that has something to do with my doors having glass. Ah, the holes and slots are for trim attachment in the wagons, I think. So, they use the same doors with glass, in cargo van and wagon.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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