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I had a few Dell 27' monitors free after a desktop upgrade.
My goal was to create a portable dual screen setup, that can be moved from and to van, hotel etc, with the littlest amount of plugging in stuff. I can also attach my work notebook and and use dual screens. You can also have any combination of what you want on the screens. Case can be closed, locked and tethered easily.

Inside the 1605 28" x 16" x 9"case is
Xbox one (plays 4k discs and of course games)
Apple TV 4k
Intel Nuc PC Computer
Chromecast 4k
HDMI Matrix 4 in 2 out + 3 inputs on each monitor give a lot of options
One 4k HDR monitor in the lid
One type c monitor. The type c input can handle display and power of mac/ ipad / android
One travel router - only have to connect it to new wifi, devices connect to it. Can also be located for better signal.
An old Jambox for the sound. Not dolby, but loud and can be moved about too.
Power outlet strip with switch and Extra usb charging cables
When the one (very long on purpose) power cord is plugged in, it comes alive and is good to go.
Second monitor is on factory stand (fits in the case) with nice movement and can be rotated vertically and has a bit of extra length cable to placed where needed.
The 4k lid monitor can. be used quickly with having to do the whole setup, except power plug.

With the discs and the PC nuc I can play content off the grid without using cell bandwidth. You can't download to Apple TV, but you can to Ipad etc.

I paid attention to keeping good cooling around the devices.
The monitor fit is close, but enough for padding and open "vents" on side and top for cooling.
The case was not drilled and remains water tight. Used some amazing 3m industrial stuff.
Finding the short, correct angle cables is much easier with Amazon and reduces the bulk a bunch.
You could easily go with just one monitor and more room for computers etc. Same with the devices, you could add what you have.

I have not fully tested the ruggedness yet. I have been checking the temps and a few adjustments to the display matrix, smaller cable wrap and a few other tweaks.
One of my dorkier projects but so far I am really enjoying it.







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I love this!! I’m most certainly going to be making one for myself.
- What monitors are those?

- what’s the estimated weight of the full case?

I take it your only cables needed to run the full box are a single power cable and maybe an Ethernet cable? Can you run all this off your house electrical in the van? If so, what’s your setup?

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They are Dell 27". One happened to be 4k, the other as USB C model, but most of their upper end (small bezel) 27" will work. The air lid is deep and can handle one with padding and ventilation.
It is heavy. I mean I can carry it but it is heavy, with all that is stuffed. in there. I will weight it.

I have not run it off my yeti yet. Most of my locations have shore power. The xbox (especially with disk) and apple tv draws a lot. The 4k chromecast is usb power and by spec uses the least.

Single long power cord to the case and a power strip. It does not have individual control of each outlet.
I can find the exact monitor info if interested. I have a request for one so I'll clean my templates. I few machined pieces would really make it nicer. I can share the construction pics if you are interested.

The resolution of that monitor at 4k at short distances is remarkable. No ethernet yet as that older travel router does not have LAN out only LAN to share. Newer ones have WLAN and LAN ethernet. Every cable adds room and weight and a surge path so I have not seen the need to use ethernet. Normally I mirror a port for netflow but wanted to keep setup as simple as I could.

The idea was to inspire what might work for other folks. A pelican case with a good power strip opens a lot of possibilities. I had avoided it until I found the power of 3m DP8005 adhesive.

Good luck, let me know how I can help.

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Great idea. I use a similar case (but lower temp rated) to build my van power system products.

In fact the 2 x XBP is just slightly larger than the case that you show.
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