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It was time for the plywood to be added to the Poly-Iso insulation panels on the floor of the cargo van. I use the paper templates that I made previously to remove the cut-outs from the sheets of plywood and add dadoes to form an interlocking system.

Although I ended up sealing the plywood at a later stage, this is the time to get your Shellac, varnish or polyurethane and a couple of brushes and protect the plywood against moisture.

As always, I have detailed every step on the Project’s Page, and added lots of pictures and videos.

Comments are welcome!

Van Williams

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Clear plastic, a sharpie and some 77 spray adhesive is a great way to make templates. Hold/tack the plastic in place with a light coat of the spray adhesive. With the plastic smoothed out, mark the desired edges with the sharpie. Being able to see through the plastic is very helpful. Then using a little more spray adhesive to stick the plastic to the plywood. No need to trace or transfer the lines (which tends to introduce errors). Just cut the plastic with the plywood.
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