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Paying Full MSRP

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For those of you out there who have already ordered your van, did you pay full MSRP?

I am getting ready to order my van and the dealer told me that since it is a factory build from the ford fleet the price is non-negotiable.
Is that a legitimate policy or should I find another dealer?

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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It appears the sale pricing is following the same evolution as the premier of the Promaster van. Wait a while and save. Right now promaster vans can sell for $6K under MSRP. Your sales man wants profit so you can't blame him ,but he's is lying through his teeth so I wouldn't deal with a person like that. Figure 18-20% off MSRP for a great deal. Look at truck pricing, the discounts,rebates etc… Expect the same in the near future, but not now.
Wait a while, Promaster $6-7500 off I'm sure we will see these kinda deals in the near future as they exist for other models. I have been monitoring prices and sales, seems 20% or more off MSRP is my target when I buy.
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1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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