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Paying Full MSRP

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For those of you out there who have already ordered your van, did you pay full MSRP?

I am getting ready to order my van and the dealer told me that since it is a factory build from the ford fleet the price is non-negotiable.
Is that a legitimate policy or should I find another dealer?

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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For folks willing to travel there were dealers selling Sprinters at invoice . One guy flew from MI to TX and was met by the dealer with his new van at the airport, where they completed the transaction before driving the new ride home for it's shakedown. Anyone know of any Ford dealers doing this?
havent heard of dealers doing this, but I think the onous in that situation is on the consumer. One has to be willing to go out of state. Then again, the travel costs alone may wipe out any savings you do see by going out of state/province...
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