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Passenger van seat layouts

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With the arrival of all the passenger vans coming through the dealership, we just happen to have 4 different variations of seating for the Transit passenger van. At this point we have a 8 passenger, 12 passenger, 14 passenger, and 15 passenger. The 12 passenger is the base seating for all of the regular 148" WB models and 15 passenger for the 148" HR Extended DRW model.

The 8, 14, and 15 passenger seating is a option for the regular 148" WB models. You get a $340 credit when ordering the 8 passenger seating and the 14 & 15 seating is a added $1495 option. The difference in the 14 passenger and 15 passenger model is the first row seating on the 14 is a 36" 2 passenger seat and the 15 passenger has the 54" 3 passenger seat. Having the 36" seat gives you a larger entry into the side door area of the van.

Here are a few pictures of each of these vans.
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Here is the seating for the 8 passenger layout.
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With the 8 passenger layout, you have the rear sear brackets for the 2 31" seats OR the 62" 3 passenger seat that would come from a CrewVan model. The 62" seat gives you 3 adult seat and 2 extra child seat latches on the LH 2 seats.
Now the 14 passenger is similar to the 15 passenger EXCEPT the front seat for the 14 passenger is a 36" 2 passenger seat. In the 15 passenger model. the front seat is a 54" 3 passenger seat.
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Does the 14 passenger have the capacity to be switched to a 15 passenger?
You can add the 54" 3 passenger seat in place of the 36" 2 passenger seat easily by removing the outside RH seat leg. The seat latches into the 2 LH floor brackets with no problem and no sagging problems with the seat. You could add another floor mounting bracket to the floor by removing the complete passenger van floor but if you wanted to go back to the 36" 2 passenger seat, you would have the floor opening created by adding the extra floor bracket.

We had a 14 passenger van that was cancelled by the original customer and the new owners wanted to go with the 15 passenger configuration so I sold them 54" 3 passenger seat so he could add it if needed. He liked the fact he could add the 3 passenger front seat without having to cut the extra hole in the floor to add the floor mounting bracket. Then if they wanted to place the 2 passenger seat back in the van, they would have a flat floor area when entering the van.
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How about pictures of a 12?

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Thanks for posting those pics of the various configurations.

Do you happen to have available a 36" 2 passenger XLT seat in ebony cloth for that front row right behind the driver?

I agree that would be a great option to have either 3 or 2 passenger seats in that position. Thanks!
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