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Passenger seat removal - Air bag light is on

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I turned off the passenger side airbag
Then I removed the passenger seat to install a custom platform in it's place

There was one two wire connector under the seat that I dis-connected
I assumed it is some sort of sensor that senses if someone is sitting in the seat?
The wire went into the lumbar region of the seat which confused me further

I used a mutimeter to see if the two pins on the seat side connector had resistance
I get a reading under 1 ohm
I was trying to determine if it was a switch at the other end of the wire or some sort of sensor

So now the airbag light stays lit up all the time (see my image)

Searching for free wiring diagrams has yielded nothing
I did find a site where you can get a paper copy for $82

Can anyone shed some light on how that passenger seat two pin connector works?
I am trying to fool it into thinking the seat is still there and get the airbag light to shut off


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Ah, okay. It's been most of a year since I was reading about all that and ordering my van. I remembered Orton talked about making sure he didn't get airbags but no details - my memory isn't too clear anymore...! :p
In 2015 you could buy seats with or without airbags. My 2015 does not have seat airbags. No wiring under the passenger seat. I can remove the passenger seat without detaching any wiring. Just four Torx 8mm bolts.

Since I do not like all the electronic doodads, the van was ordered with as few as possible.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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