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Paradigm Van Conversions-Colorado

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Looking at different Basic Conversion Kits for a Ford Transit 148. Came upon Paradigm Van Conversions, does anyone have any experience with them? I like most everything about there kit but not sure about 2 things.

#1 is the floor is made of a 3/4" thick oriented strand board and composed of 3 interlocking (tongue and groove) panels. The floor insulation is simply a "conduction inhibiting" adhesive that prevents the wood from making direct contact with the sheet metal of the van floor.

#2 is the Fabric covered wall paneling is made from a two-sided tempered hardboard.

I have been a wood worker my whole life and have accumulated biases about certain wood products such as OSB and Hardboard.

Am I wrong in being biased against these products for a van build?

Thanks for any comments! David
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As another longtime woodworker their materials would be a deal breaker.
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