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Our new Gem Green Moto Van has arrived!

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I was stoked to find out our custom ordered van came in early. I wasn't expecting it for another month, what a nice surprise.

The commercial acct guy I worked with liked the green color so much he's ordering another to have on the lot to show off. We're really happy with the Gem Green color, it's unique and changes quite a bit depending on how the light hits it.

Here's some pix of it.

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The basic audio setup I think. All I want to do is plug my iPod into it and play tunes. I might upgrade the speakers. It has an audio input jack.
Haha, Clam in vans with the base radio which has no screen, the reverse camera is displayed on the rear view mirror instead. That's where they should be on any radio in my opinion unless you have the Sync 3 screen which is good and large. I just think that viewing your rear view mirror whole reversing would put the picture closer to your eyes and allow you to look out the rear of your vehicle simultaneously.
Yes, IMO having it in the rear view mirror works quite well. Now I just need to calibrate myself with the image so I have a good feel for true distances etc.

I'll shoot a photo of it in action and post up the next time I drive it.

I really wanted Bluetooth for my phone but was in NO way going to ante up the more than $2k in extra electro bling to get it. I'll do an aftermarket solution instead. I don't know why Ford doesn't offer a cheaper BT option as I'm SURE lots of contractor type buyers would like to have it.
For ours, I added a Garmin 2689LMT GPS unit with Bluetooth, Voice commands, and lifetime map updates.

Will be hard wiring it to 5vdc, mounted above mirror using,ext=ext
Hmmm, that does look like an excellent option. I see that Nuvi on Amazon for $142 refurb.

How is the microphone and speaker for making calls?

I've been considering a newer Nuvi for the Van. I have an older 260 in the car at the moment which needs a map update.
I ordered the 2689 LMT 6" refurb unit with the lifetime map updates (won't go any other way from now on) from Amazon for $142. I dug around and it had great reviews and seemed hard to beat the deal. It still has a 1 yrs warranty.

The link you posted for the mount required a eBay log-in, probably because it was from your order history or ???, maybe you can post a different link to it. I'd like to take a look at that option.
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Very nice van! I have been thrilled with the reduced stress of hauling bikes in the van vs our old 14x7.5 enclosed trailer. You will enjoy that beauty!
I'm thinking we need a dedicated subforum under Camper Vans and Conversions for Moto Haulers as there are a lot of "us".

I'm just starting to search out front wheel chocks, ramps, tie down solutions, etc. and it would sure be nice to have all that info in one place.

How do you like the Baxley stands? I have seen the Sport stand at a local shop but am considering the larger "LA stand" as I need to go from 17 - 21 front wheel sizes to cover my bikes, plus "possible others". :)

I don't think the rear stands will work with two of my bikes that have single sided swingarms. I'm thinking I might go with mounting the stands to a sub board that locks into place using the body ribs the way Smitty did his. The other option will be locking them down to the L rail I plan to run on the floor. The L rail approach is probably the most secure.

The other stand I saw that I liked a lot was the

I'd also like to make use of them in the garage when necessary.

It sounds like the Baxley sport will handle what I need, 17" sport to 21" dual sport. I do have a 600 lb Guzzi Stevio that will go into it occasionally. After looking around on the web I think I like the Baxley Sport the best overall. I was impressed with how well it held the bikes at a local shop when I saw it there. The quality of build was also quite nice.

Can you post some pix of how you mounted the chocks etc.? Or maybe you have posted them and can give me hint/link on where to find them.

I watched a video on the Pit Bull rear axle restraint, it might work for my Speed Triple but not the Stelvio.

I shudder at the thought of handlebars smacking the glass, I must prevent that at all cost.
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My Pit bull restraints are yet to be mounted, still in planning mode. The baxley ( and an other chock) just sit in the van loose so I can configure them as needed. I use tie down straps to the factory d-rings. I only have 2500 miles on the van right now. I am hauling a sport touring bike up to Mt Airy, nc tomorrow. My handle bar incident occurred with our KLX 250 and Husky 449 in as slow turn over a hump going into a gas station. The suspension bobbed enough that the handle bars were able to swing side to side enough to contact the van side. I tied them down better after that. Because there are no centerline tie downs on my floor, I have been running straps through the adjacent bike to reach the other side. As I use this, configurations may change. L track down the middle of the floor would be really handy but I'm not sure if I want to do that. I have not tried 3 bikes in the 148 non-extended body van. With the pit bull stands, I think it is possible. My pit bike scooter will fit with two track bikes. With out more organization, those bikes along with an easy-up, gear bags, tools and camping gear, really fills up the van!
Thanks for the feedback. I was hoping it might work OK to just place the Baxley stand on the floor w/o hard mounting it one way or another. I like the flexibility of that approach. I think I'll order one of the Baxley Sport stands and see how it works out. If it seems marginal for the Stelvio (I think it will be fine for the others) then I can always order the larger LA stand as the second one.

I am planning to run L-track on the floor but haven't figured out exactly what the spacing will be yet. It's pretty expensive so I might be running less than I initially thought.

I have had my Stelvio on my 3 rail trailer and did upgrade to some nice soft loop ratchet straps I found on Amazon as the regular Ancra cam buckle type stretch too much for the larger bikes. I wish they make ratchet straps with cords in the web so they didn't stretch at all, especially when they get wet.

Any comments on ramps?
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Ow do you do multiples?

I'm assuming the logo on your van is your biz?

I know Cogent suspension, you guys have a good rep. I haven't used your services yet, but just may in the future.

I purchased a Baxley sport chock, it should arrive tomorrow. I'm now looking for some arched ramps like you show in one of the photos. Any comments on preferred brands, length, etc.?
Haulin Gas,

I saw that ramp in your build thread. I thought it was pretty nice but the spacing between rungs pretty big. I'd like to see that photo of it with them filled in. Where did you buy that ramp?

I was studying how you laid out the L-Track.


Well I just completed an order for some new 2015 Transit seats off eBay.

This seller had 3 person and split 4 person seats that matched our upholstery.

The shipping ended up more than I had hoped for (~$700, ouch) but it netted out cheaper than going with the individual jump seats I'd found (~$250/seat, w/o tax and shipping). We regularly freight ship at our biz and I checked with shipping person and it was pretty much inline with what he thought it would be for the distance.

I will think about the mounting once they are here. They did include the OEM mounting brackets.

My plan is to mount the 3 person in the 1st row and the 4 person in the 2nd row with an option to move the right side 2 person split behind the 2nd row 2 person on the left if I want to load something longer or possibly a motorcycle. I will have to see how the dimensions work out.
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I received the Baxley sport chock yesterday.

I tried it with 17, 19, and 21 inch front wheels. It works great with 17 & 19 and "ok" with 21.

I looked at it and realized with some judicial grinding on the front stop mounting brackets you can flip the front stop over to move it up, then use the rear holes, and then it works much better for the 21" wheels. Why Baxley doesn't reprofile the stop mounts and make use of this is beyond me, it seems natural.

This is how it looks "stock" in the low position.

Next I need to source a good ramp. I have an old school aluminum dirt bike ramp that's not up to Adventure bike use.
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I got a chance to try loading one of my bikes in the van this weekend. I was really impressed with how secure it was using the wheel chock and only 2 tiedowns. If it were a heavier bike I'd be using 4, but it was ROCK solid with this setup.

Now, to find that set of arched folding aluminum ramps.....

BTW, has anybody tried using this sliding door grab handle mounted to the inside of the right side rear door for pulling it shut from the inside? It seems like just the right handle.

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If forgot what thread I was reading, but somebody wanted to know how the backup camera image looked in the rear view mirror.

Here's a shot of it in action.

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I pulled the trigger on a set of these arched aluminum loading ramps and got to try them out with my heavier Adventure bike yesterday.

They are rated at 1,500 lbs for the pair though it seems like more than I'd probably be comfortable with. They are a tad flexy when you stand on them but they handled my 600+ lbs ADV bike pretty well as the load is spread out over two wheels.

The flip side of them being slightly flexy is they are pretty light and easy to handle. They will store nicely strapped vertically to the wall behind each wheel well.

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I did my first test tow today. It went pretty good overall. The only thing that didn't work out so well was I found I have no power to my trailer connector, either one the flat four or the round 7 pin. I don't know why but it's going back to the dealer to let them figure it out.

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My seats arrived today. So I had to do a test fit to see how things might look.

Now I gotta get busy with the tape measure and figuring out my final mounting scheme. I have all the OEM brackets and might make use of those in some manner.

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So.... I finally got the L-track in the floor and the seats installed, major project, about 4 solid days of work with 2 people.

The most time consuming part of it was the layout and figuring where we could drill or not.

We lowered the fuel tank which was quite easy and did not require any disconnects. 6 bolts, 3 each side for the support straps and it's down.

We then started the layout being as precise as possible

And drilling begun. I machined a drill stop to prevent going any further than necessary.

Here's some of the L-track laid down.

A view from the bottom. I put silicone on the holes to help seal them up and hopefully prevent rust on the edges.

After all the track was down we made a huge template from cardboard so I could figure out the openings to cut in the floor mat.

I was fortunate to have a large beam saw table to work on that was ideal for clamping the fence and provided blade clearance for the hand jig saw.

This is how the openings worked with the L-track
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I had to modify a couple bolt openings in the OEM seat brackets to line up with the 1" pitch of the L-track.

After getting the brackets all bolted to the track it was time to install the seats. Fortunately I had just the right tool for those heavy seats, LOL.

A view from the side door with them installed.

And from the rear.
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