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Our new Gem Green Moto Van has arrived!

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I was stoked to find out our custom ordered van came in early. I wasn't expecting it for another month, what a nice surprise.

The commercial acct guy I worked with liked the green color so much he's ordering another to have on the lot to show off. We're really happy with the Gem Green color, it's unique and changes quite a bit depending on how the light hits it.

Here's some pix of it.

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Haha, Clam in vans with the base radio which has no screen, the reverse camera is displayed on the rear view mirror instead. That's where they should be on any radio in my opinion unless you have the Sync 3 screen which is good and large. I just think that viewing your rear view mirror whole reversing would put the picture closer to your eyes and allow you to look out the rear of your vehicle simultaneously.
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