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So my sales rep tells me the steps are....

1. Unscheduled (clean order can be built)
2. Selected for scheduling (in line to be scheduled)
3. Scheduled (has a build date, gets a VIN#)
4. Sent to plant (order has been received by plant to build)
5. Produced (its built)
6. Released (put into holding area)
7. In transit (on the way!)

And that we are currently at step 1, which means there are no commodity constraints and we can be scheduled...

Does anyone have more insight into the process that can give me an idea of the timeline?


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Selection for scheduling has to do with the following criteria:

Number of orders coming in by Ford dealers
Allocation that your dealer has to order your particular Transit
Similar types of Transit that are ordered such as wheelbase, roof heights, and options
Ford tends to group similar ordered Transits together such as fleet models that are usually identical orders

If you order follows the same as fromtaipel and your order was input on 11/30, then 11 days added would be 12/11 so you might get it in the next day or two. There may be a lot of fleet orders input right in front of your order by other dealers so you may be built behind those units.

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I am about to order my transit through a dealer also. However I plan on having the van delivered directly to Quigley 4x4 in Pennsylvania. I was wondering what your dealer is asking for as far as down payments for your order? I feel like my dealer asking for to much up front because of the delivery to Quigley. They want $3,000 down to get the order moving and 40% down when the order is placed. Seems like a lot for van I won't and Quigley won't see for 1-3 months. This seems outrageous to me. Am I crazy?

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