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Open allocation for ordering a 2016 Transit with late April/early May build

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Matt Ford has openings for 4 Transit builds on their allocation allotment this week. If you can get your order to him in the next 2 days, he can get it into the order bank for build date and VIN.

You can email him at [email protected] with your order using the Transit Order Guide designations for your build. He should get a confirmation in the next week with a projected build date and right after that you should get a VIN.
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Last day to get your order to Ryan at Matt Ford if you want to get a scheduled build in late April/early May. You can pickup your Transit 24 miles from the plant 7 to 10 days after it is built or have him redirect your Transit to the Ford dealer of your choice. He has a good allocation number so you should get your scheduled build date and VIN pretty quick.

Ryan has 2 open allocations left if you want to get your order in today!
Matt Ford will have 2 more open allocation dates before the closeout for ordering a 2016 Transit. If you already have your Transit Order Guide, work up your order using the option codes and descriptions and send it to Ryan ([email protected]) for a quote and see if he can make you a GREAT DEAL on your Transit order. You can save time and pick it up 7 to 10 days after it is built in Buckner, MO (24 miles from the plant) or have him redirected to your local Ford dealer of choice. You will still have to wait for your Transit to go through the railroad system and then through your local distribution center to the final dealer lot, but you will get the special pricing and reliable order that you placed with him.
Thanks CrewVanMan.......I'm new to the board.....saw your post and contacted Ryan......ordered 3/9/2016 extended HR dual slider 3.7.......Ryan is very professional and the price was good....Thanks again!
Hey CrewVanMan - What's your association with Ryan//Matt Ford? You seem to really value his services and offering up referrals to him. Just wondering what's in it for you? :)

Edit: I'm van shopping. Ended up here. Pretty serious about the Transit after also driving the Sprinter and Promaster.

Edit 2: Tried to PM you, your inbox is full!
Hey CrewVanMan - What's your association with Ryan//Matt Ford? You seem to really value his services and offering up referrals to him. Just wondering what's in it for you? :)

Edit: I'm van shopping. Ended up here. Pretty serious about the Transit after also driving the Sprinter and Promaster.

Edit 2: Tried to PM you, your inbox is full!

I don't presume to speak for CVM, but.

CVM has a connection with Ford and has helped many members locate a Transit with the equipment they want without having to go through the whole ordering and waiting for a build date, near to where they are, all over the U.S.

A lot of members asked if there was a way to pick up their Transit at the factory without having to wait for the long (sometimes 1-2 months) for it to be shipped by rail, most of that time was waiting for a rail car to become available for the medium & high roof models.

He found Matt Ford, only a couple of miles from factory, found he gave good service with the owner himself doing the ordering. Some members have used Matt Ford to place their order, then fly in and pick it up, a lot quicker than the normal process. So far no one has posted a negative about doing it that way.

If CVM gets a consideration from Matt Ford, good for him, he has helped more than a few members get their Transit a lot quicker than they could have on their own through a local dealer near them. :) He lives in TX btw, not near Matt Ford.

Semper Fi
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Like USMC Vet stated, there were a lot of forum members waiting months after their Transit was built to get delivery to their local dealer. I went out around the Kansas City plant area looking for a dealer who gets their Transits directly from the plant within a few days of being built. Matt Ford is a small family owned dealership and the owner stated he would handle ALL the forum members orders. He stated he would give the forum members good deals if they ordered from him and they could get their Transit at his dealership in 7 to 10 days after it was built pending any holdups that might not be normal. When the Dual Sliding Door issue was happening with holdups and other dealers not answering buyers about their order, he was nice enough to answer emails and phone calls about what was happening and what Ford was telling him about the problem. Only dealer I know who talked to buyers even if they did not buy their DSD from him.

If you have looked at some of the comments from forum members who emailed, talked to, or ordered their Transit from Ryan Matt, he is very knowledgeable about the Transit and if there are questions to be asked or answered, he goes the extra mile to find out the correct answer. How many dealer owners do you know that will deal directly with the customer? He was willing to take on the task of helping the forum members order their Transit, let them know about their projected build date and VIN. This past week the first forum members started receiving their Transits at his dealership. I'm sure you will see pictures of those Transits on this forum and their comments about the great service Ryan provides the members.

If you are looking to order a 2016 Transit, send me a PM with your direct email and I can send you the 2016 Ford Transit Order Guide. This is the first step in getting your order ready to see what options you want and then use this information to make a order listing and take to your local dealer or email to Ryan ([email protected]) for a quote. In some cases, he can make you a better offer than your local dealer. You can pickup your Transit at his dealership and save some transportation time or have him redirect it to your dealer of choice. You still have to wait out the transportation time that it would take if ordered from your local dealer.

I am here to help out anyone who has questions about the Transit when they are ordering, looking for a good dealer to handle their buying transaction, and locating a Transit that may be on the other side of the USA. Some members have went to other Ford dealers to get their Transit when I located it for them. Some Transits were miles away from their area, some have ordered from Matt Ford, and some have traveled to the DFW area where I live and picked up their Transit here. I still have contacts inside Ford and know a lot of dealers around the country. Currently working with Ford Product Development to come up with a Transit Crew Van that I hope to order in the future. It is available through a company called Transit Works now but nothing like the factory one that Ford had for the Econoline van.

I get inquiries every day on the Transit Order Guide. It fills up my PM so I have to send emails on the guide, then clear out the forum PM and get ready for more inquiries. You might send your request now and it should get to me.
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I can vouch for Ryan Matt going above and beyond. I was stunned that the owner of a Ford dealership would answer questions and take a customers order. I ordered my transit last Thursday march 9th and got my vin today.....1 week. Every question I have asked Matt was answered quickly. He even spent an hour on the phone taking my order and going thru every option I wanted. I have purchased many new cars and never, ever have had service like this. I live in Las Vegas and will fly the 1400 miles to Kansas to pick up my transit from Matt Ford. I personally look forward to meeting Ryan and his team and enjoying the small town hospitality. Thanks CVM for being so active here.....
Wow. Thanks for chiming in! That process sounds pretty ideal. Given a decent price to offset the cost of flights/gas, I'd certainly consider it. The drive from Missouri to my hometown is only 20 ish hours. I could live with that. It'd be a fun road trip!

Yeah I'll second that. Thanks CVM for all the awesome info you've provided! Has definitely made my research much more efficient
Ryan Matt at Matt Ford just informed me that he has one opening for a Transit allocation for late May build date. He would need your order by Wednesday, March 23rd at 1 pm CDT to get it into the Ford system and get confirmation.

His email is [email protected]
Anyone wanting to order a Transit might take advantage of this now. Ryan can send this to your local Ford dealer of choice if you do not want to travel to KC to pick it up. Rusted Root just picked up his Transit at Matt Ford.
CrewVanMan, how does pricing work on custom vans? I notice that the Ford Build and Price tool doesn't include the current incentives for example. If there was negotiation wiggle room I might go for this option but it looks like waiting for something close to my specs is just going to be a 5k cheaper... which is what I need to get it into my budget range... (your PM box is full :) )
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