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One week left to order a 2016 Transit!

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May 2nd is supposed to be the last day your local Ford dealer can order a 2016 model. My Ford contact is telling me that the order bank is about full so that date is going to be pretty firm.

Advantage of ordering a 2016 versus a 2017? You will get at least a $2100 rebate on it plus any added incentives when the Transit arrives at the dealer. Unless you want some of the new options coming on the 2017 like the heated seats, restyled console, and the power passenger side step there will be no changes in the main configuration of the Transit. There is a proposed MSRP increase of 2% on all 2017 models coming out to account for the additional cost of ALL the current model updates and recalls.

Ordering a 2016 now and it will be built by the end of July or earlier; ordering a 2017 after next week and you are looking at it being built close to the end of August/first of September.
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Countdown...4 days left and counting!
Update from Ford contact............................

Seems there is some open production time to build 2016 models, so they may be extending the order time for 2016 models past the May 2 deadline. Don't use this as fact if you want to order a 2016 model.

For now, you have today (Saturday) and Monday to order a 2016 model.

Some things that tell me that there will be extended time to order a 2016 model!

(1) 2017 Ford Transit Order Guide not released yet
(2) Possible factory assembly scheduling not filled up through the July 30 deadline for building 2016 models
(3) Lots of 2015 models still on dealer lots with extra rebates (now $3100) and some dealer discounts totaling nearly $10K
(2) Current rebate on the 2016 model (now $2100)

If you put in your order in the next 2 days, let us know what your local dealer is telling you about projected build date. It should be late June/early July unless a lot of orders go in here in the last days of 2016 model ordering.
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So the 2 month order to build date seems to be still the norm. If there are other forum members with order dates after yours, we may be able to see if this trend continues and the final cutoff on the 2016 models is realized. I'm hoping the 2017 Ford Transit Order Guide comes out on Monday or Tuesday. Already have a large email list to send to prospective 2017 model buyers.

Was a Matt Ford on Thursday and picked up a T-250 MR Magnetic Metallic Transit and made the trip back to Texas with Glenn.
We did a good break-in trip on it and looked to average close to 16.8 MPG mostly on I-35 from Kansas City to Dallas, then I-45 from Dallas to Houston. Average speed on I-35 close to 75 MPH with some at 85 for a few miles. We updated the average fuel mileage indicator going down the road and at one point was at 17.3 MPG.

It is a T-250 MR 148" WB with 3.5L EcoBoost and 3.31 L/S rear axle loaded with all the good options for his future transformation to long distance motorcycle hauler.


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