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OEM Ford Protect vs. "Off-Brand

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Chose between the OEM FORD Premium plan ($4050.00) and the "off-brand" Platinum plan ($4134.00-$995.00= $3139.00!).
The finance guy had a day off last week and his boss, Laura, baited me on by taking $950.00 off of the $3900.00 retail price of the off-brand.

I mulled it over for a few days.

After talking with my service tech and adviser friends today at the dealership, I bought the off-brand Platinum plan for a grand less because it does have the SAME COVERAGE!

My techs all said it WAS in my best interest, as did many here, to get one!

(I've been their loxmyth for over 20 years and they've been my dealership for as long, this T-350 being my 3rd new truck purchased there.)

I'm confident that any work I require under the extended warranty plan will be quickly done and that they will work to see the "break-down" (warrantied) repairs ARE covered .
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Are you sure they are doing you a solid?

By comparison, I paid a total of $1,950 for both the warranty and the service program, combined.

Semper Fi
I believe I received a decent deal, since Laura discounted the Platinum package by $1000.

I have a commercial vehicle and need commercial coverage.

I have coverage to October 2023 or 120,000 miles.
(I intend to keep it for ten years and MAY "retire" at that point, but probably not : )

These are the exclusions:

I get Mobile One Extended Life Syn. oil changes at the dealership every 10,000, so that they have a record of routine maintenance.

Oh, and at 19,500 I just had them put on 4 Nokian Hakkapeliitta CR3 235/65R16 C 121/119 R (E Rated) snow tires[CLICKABLE LINK] for less than I used to pay for my E-350's tires!
(I NEVER got more than 12,000 miles on my E-350 tires. PLUS, my fuel economy is 11-14 mpg compared to 8-11 in the 2005 E-350. I'm loaded. That's why I got a T-350.)

Nokian makes winter tires for passenger vans, too.

Thank you.
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