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Norcal Wheelswap - My silver for your black wheels

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My van came with the silver steel wheels, but I know some models come with the black ones. If anyone wants to swap their black ones for my silver ones, I would appreciate it. I'm in Northern California. Will pay for your trouble, including, gas and mounting your tires on my rims. I'm in Northern California, the South Bay to be more precise.

From what I understand, the models with the silver full hubcaps have the black ones. I have a cargo van and it came with the black lug nuts cover only. Also willing to swap tires of equivalent wear if that works for you so we don't have to remount them. I have the Hankooks with around 12k.

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Plasti-dip is your friend... Much cheaper solution and you can go any color you want.
When done right Plasti-Dip can be pretty darn durable. I've got a friend who sprayed her entire Honda S2000 and it has held up amazingly well.
There are OEM take off black steel wheels on eBay for $79.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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