Purchased for van build. Sold van so these must go. Brand new, never used. Cost $480 CAD online for 2.

  • Higher cells efficiency, better light converting rate.
  • The Solar Panel withstands high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa). Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and 1P65 junction box allow extended outdoor use.
  • Maximum power: 200W, Voltage at Pmax: 17.0V, Current at Pmax: 11.76A
  • Two protection diodes are pre-installed in junction box, with a pair of pre-attached 3ft MC4 Cable.

  • Dimension: 1640*675*35 mm/64.57*26.57*1.38 inches
  • Weight: 12.50kg/27.56lbs
  • Max Power Output(W): 200W
  • Voltage MPP Vmp(V): 17.00V
  • Current MPP Imp(A): 11.76A
  • Voltage Open Circuit Voc(V): 20.23V
  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 12.45A