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Newbie Questions.

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I am looking at purchasing a Transit Connect Wagon XLT.

When I went to my local Ford dealer he had no TCW's available to show me.

So my first newbie question is...Why is that? I don't know what to make out of the fact that Ford shows the TCW on their website, but the cars are not on dealers lots.

The dealer did have two TCW XLT that are being used as a loaner for people who are using their repair services. We did get a chance to look at one of these. The other one hasn't yet been returned to the dealer, we've been waiting for a couple of days.

So my 2nd newbie question is... Is it a reasonable thing to purchase a TCW that has been used as a loaner? If the car has 5,000 miles on it, how much off of sticker would be reasonable?

Third newbie question: We will be switching from a 2009 Mazda 5. Anyone have any experience with switching from the Mazda 5 to a TCW?

Thanks all.
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Although you have used a sub-forum entitled "Ford Transit Connect General Discussion", it is located on the Transit Forum. Two completely different vehicles, mistakenly sharing the name Transit. Most of the forum members here are Transit owners or purchasers.

I hope you find some answers to your questions but you should probably look for a forum more focused on TC's.

Semper Fi
Thanks USMC Vet.

I see my mistake now.

Yep, I'll look for another forum, directed to the Transit Connect Wagon.

Thanks again.
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