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Newbie question about Charge Controllers

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I'm still in the planning stages for my camper van conversion, and need some help figuring out what parts I'll need for the electrical system.

I want to be able to recharge the house battery from shore power, the alternator, and solar. Is it possible to purchase a charge controller that can handle these three power sources? Or do I need separate devices for each of them? Any recommendations?

On the output side, I will only run 110 devices when I'm actually plugged into shore power, so I don't think I need any sort of inverter. I'm planning to have an AC/DC fridge, which will run off AC when I'm plugged in to shore power, otherwise, off of the house battery (most of the time).

Other than that, I plan to use the house battery to recharge the phone and chromebook, run a few LED lights, and the Maxair roof fan.

What do you recommend?
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Sounds like you'll need separate: charger/inverter, battery isolator, and solar charge controller.
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