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New Wagon! Just signed my life away..

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Well, we finally did it: bought a new 2016 350 wagon off the dealer lot. Thanks for all the available information, advice and detail on this forum. This community is a great resource.

Searched and searched for months while we saved money (and bought a used Sienna in the meantime) and changed our minds many times on wheelbase, options etcetera. But, we found a wagon in Los Angeles and our local Santa Cruz dealer was able to get it and it;s getting transported this week.

We decided against a custom because there were $3500 in 2016 rebates and this wagon is missing just a few options. Here's what we got:

2016 Transit 350 MR Wagon
XLT Trim
Magnetic/Charcoal Cloth
3.5L Ecoboost
3.31 Limited slip
Park Aid
Trailer Tow Package
Am/FM Stere/CD/Sync
Heavy Duty Alternator
Alloy Wheel
Running Board
Floor Mats
Tinted Glass

The options we wanted but didn't get (we're not sure if we would even use them):
-Dual Batteries
-Upfitter Switches
-AUX Fuse Panel

The Plan:
-Get the windows tinted ASAP
-A/T Tires
-Remove Row 3 & 4 seats
-Build a platform bed
-Upgrade to a bigger single battery?
-Maybe add a house battery system or go with a GoalZero portable solar power source.

Upfitter Program:
-Using the van as "part of my business" and will be adding a few things to get the $1000 Upfitter Rebate. Would anyone recommend Aluminess Nerf Bars? Maybe they would qualify?
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I signed my life away yesterday as well. Im ordering a custom rig from the factory though, as this will be my second transit. I wanted to mention that up fitter rebate can be applied to the tow package options installed at the factory, up to $1000. I think that the stipulation is that the van has to be purchased in your business name and the up fit rebate request noted on your purchase paperwork.

Please ask your salesman if its not too late to be sure you can take advantage of this program. I will be getting a roof rack as well and was told that if I do so, the receipts will have to be provided to the dealer after it is purchased and installed. They then make the rebate request to Ford and getting that money, can cut a check for the reimbursement.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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