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New Wagon! Just signed my life away..

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Well, we finally did it: bought a new 2016 350 wagon off the dealer lot. Thanks for all the available information, advice and detail on this forum. This community is a great resource.

Searched and searched for months while we saved money (and bought a used Sienna in the meantime) and changed our minds many times on wheelbase, options etcetera. But, we found a wagon in Los Angeles and our local Santa Cruz dealer was able to get it and it;s getting transported this week.

We decided against a custom because there were $3500 in 2016 rebates and this wagon is missing just a few options. Here's what we got:

2016 Transit 350 MR Wagon
XLT Trim
Magnetic/Charcoal Cloth
3.5L Ecoboost
3.31 Limited slip
Park Aid
Trailer Tow Package
Am/FM Stere/CD/Sync
Heavy Duty Alternator
Alloy Wheel
Running Board
Floor Mats
Tinted Glass

The options we wanted but didn't get (we're not sure if we would even use them):
-Dual Batteries
-Upfitter Switches
-AUX Fuse Panel

The Plan:
-Get the windows tinted ASAP
-A/T Tires
-Remove Row 3 & 4 seats
-Build a platform bed
-Upgrade to a bigger single battery?
-Maybe add a house battery system or go with a GoalZero portable solar power source.

Upfitter Program:
-Using the van as "part of my business" and will be adding a few things to get the $1000 Upfitter Rebate. Would anyone recommend Aluminess Nerf Bars? Maybe they would qualify?
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