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Extraj, Could you do me a big favor and take some photos of your new driveshaft U-Joint phasing...

I suspect my dealer may have installed my permanent-fix-recall driveshaft with improper U-joint phasing, and I would like to compare a known-good configuration with mine.

The reason I suspect this might be the cause of my vibration problem, is that from looking at the geometry of the 3-piece drive train angles, I think the U-Joint phasing might be somewhat counter-intuitive, leading to installation mistakes. Perhaps such a mistake was actually the cause of your vibration as well, and replacing it fixed it inadvertantly.

It would be much appreciated. One photo for each U-Joint. I believe there are a total of 4 of them.
Sorry that I missed this. My tech told me that the driveshafts arrive assembled, and therefore that the dealership really couldn't get them out of phase.
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