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New vibration after replacing the guibo with u-joint

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Hi Folks,

I pored a bunch of the existing driveshaft threads and didn't see anything that seemed related...

I just had my van at the dealer to do the driveshaft recall. They installed a driveshaft with a u-joint and now we're getting a new vibration, most noticeable off-throttle and between 25-50MPH. It almost sounds like a helicopter is following.

Any ideas? My first thought is that maybe it's an imbalanced driveshaft, but that seems kinda improbable.
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To be clear for all, here is a pic of u-joint phasing. If two parts are separated at the splines and one doesn't assemble back correctly, you will get vibration.
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Extraj, Could you do me a big favor and take some photos of your new driveshaft U-Joint phasing...

I suspect my dealer may have installed my permanent-fix-recall driveshaft with improper U-joint phasing, and I would like to compare a known-good configuration with mine.

The reason I suspect this might be the cause of my vibration problem, is that from looking at the geometry of the 3-piece drive train angles, I think the U-Joint phasing might be somewhat counter-intuitive, leading to installation mistakes. Perhaps such a mistake was actually the cause of your vibration as well, and replacing it fixed it inadvertantly.

It would be much appreciated. One photo for each U-Joint. I believe there are a total of 4 of them.
Sorry that I missed this. My tech told me that the driveshafts arrive assembled, and therefore that the dealership really couldn't get them out of phase.
The arrive assembled, but they come apart easy. Some could have pulled it apart trying to save an installation step, or they might have tried to pull it out of the crate by one end. There’s nothing to keep the splines from pulling out other than some shipping banding.
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